Two weekends ago (I know, I know – I’m slacking) I hopped on a flight and jetted off to Paris. Paris is somewhere I had been dreaming about visiting since I was little – the landmarks, accents, chocolate, and wine!

Surprisingly, flying was cheaper than taking the train. And definitely a better option than renting a car and driving six hours through the night. Yes, this was an option at one point. Yes, I know, probably the dumbest thing we could have done. But we opted for the more feasible choice.

We arrived Thursday evening and were instantly on the go. Thursday night we checked in to our hostel, and were starving so we decided to go explore. We found a wine bar, but to our disappointment they were no longer serving food so naturally we ended up at McDonald’s. Healthy!!

Friday morning we had planned to go to Versailles. Our hostel was not centrally located so we took the metro into the heart of Paris and grabbed a bite. A friend who was also visiting, texted Emily to ensure we weren’t at the Louvre. Nothing had come across the news yet, but there had been a terrorist attack just four blocks away from where we were eating. As scary as this is, only one person was injured and it couldn’t ruin the rest of our weekend.

To get to breakfast we walked by the Notre Dame. The architecture was absolutely beautiful. That is one thing I will continue to obsess over while traveling throughout Europe, it is so different from the minimalistic trend that is dominating in the states.

The Palace of Versailles was gorgeous even on the gloomiest of days. The palace has been maintained phenomenally, especially for a place originating from the 11th century.

Friday night we ended up at a Waka Flocka concert and somehow got on stage. I just had to Google the correct spelling of his name, which should tell you how well I fit in lol! It was a strange night, but definitely one to remember.

Saturday morning despite the attack the day prior we ventured to the Louvre. Did you even go to the Louvre if you didn’t take a picture outside of it? Absolutely, 100%, without a doubt. But I’ve just embraced the fact that I will be a major tourist for the next three months.

Most people go to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa. I was shocked by how long the queue was to see the painting and how small it really was! It was an amazing experience, to see in real life.

But to be perfectly honest, there were other pieces of art throughout the museum that I much preferred over the Mona Lisa.

On our last day, we walked around the city in the morning. It’s incredible how every corner you stumble upon has so much character and history.

Before we left, we had to see the Eiffel Tower, or Tour Eiffel as they refer to it. For a gift that the Parisians initially were not quite fond of, it has become synonyms with Paris. The views from the viewing deck were phenomenal of the city.

I can’t wait to go back in March. Hopefully I will have learned some more French before then, so it will be easier to communicate!

Love, laur

Wingardium Leviosa!

This past week has flown by. All of my days are busy and everything I have been doing is starting to morph together – so I am extra thankful I am writing these posts and will be able to look back and remember everything.

Sunday I went on a trip with part of my program to Stonehenge and Lacock Abbey. To be honest, I didn’t know much about Stonehenge before I got there – very “dumb American” of me, I know. But the history and the mystery of the rock formation is fascinating and I wish I had known more about it prior. The technology was not advanced enough (if even existent) to move the rocks and somehow they were moved into this formation – how crazy is that?!

After Stonehenge we went to Lacock Abbey which was originally a nunnery. This was where many scenes from Harry Potter and Downton Abbey have been filmed. I was obviously excited to be here, my dog’s named after Harry Potter for goodness sake!

Love, laur

If I’m going to be totally honest, Stonehenge was really cool and all of the mystery behind it is fascinating, but it’s not somewhere I am dying to go back to. It may have been that it was a cold and rainy day but it is definitely an experience that I will never forget. (You were right Ry).

This is Lacock Abbey, which was originally an Augustinian Nunnery in the early 13th century. Being as old as it is, I was very impressed by how well the building had been maintained. The grounds were gorgeous and green despite it being in the middle of winter.


This hands down was my favorite part of the trip. Does anyone recognize this courtyard or hallway from a movie?! If you thought Harry Potter you would be correct. The memories from watching the movies with my family to how my angel of a pup got named Potter all made me nostalgic of my childhood.

Windsor Castle

Yesterday was the second round attempt to make it to Windsor Castle, but it was semi unsuccessful. When we arrived at the castle we realized they were no longer admitting anyone in (even though we should up plenty before their closing time). So unfortunately we were not able to view the grounds but were able to walk around outside and check out the cute city of Windsor. Moral of the story, Google lies occasionally. But it still turned out to be an amazing day regardless.

While walking around Windsor we stumbled upon a quaint restaurant that served high tea. I was boring and stuck with my usual green tea and it hit the spot as always. Something I have noticed in my two weeks of being here is that the culture is not as quick paced as the states. It’s somewhere in between US and Spanish culture.

We will definitely be making a trip back to actually go inside the castle soon. If the inside  is half as amazing as the outside, it will be a trip well spent.

Love, laur

Hello, Mate pt2

I realized that I should of made my first post a little earlier, so I needed to spill over into another post. Checkout the other part of my week below.

Love, laur


One of the planned trips was a boat ride from the London Eye/Big Ben to Greenwich. We were running slightly late and arrived at the dock just as the boat was pulling away. Luckily the people working there were sweet enough to allow us to get on the boat that was leaving next.



The view of London at sunset from where the meridian line is. This photo does not translate how pretty it was.



The absolutely phenomenal Kensington Palace. The architecture in the states does not even compare.

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This is a famous tea parlor that looks like it was taken straight out of Alice and Wonderland.


Easily the coolest “loo” I have EVER walked into.



On Sunday we went to Camden Market which is one of many in London. I have never seen anything like it. The endless stalls and variety of food was phenomenal. If you ever go, be prepared to be there for a large chunk of your day.


Hello, Mate!

I guess I should start this post with hey, I’m Lauren and I’m going to talk about my experience studying abroad in London and my love for fashion. I’ve always loved writing and traveling, so I figured this would be a perfect way to share with my family and friends all about my adventures (hi mom!).

I’ve officially been in London for a little over a week! It feels like it’s been two days, but also two years. The days have been jammed full of orientation, classes, meeting new people, and exploring. Oh, and don’t forget shopping (shocker!). To be honest, the first couple of days were slightly miserable. My roommates hadn’t moved in yet and I hadn’t found “my people” yet. I was regretting going abroad by myself and really missing my friends and family. Luckily, when they moved in they were super sweet and we hit it off (thank God). We are starting to plan trips for the semester which I could not be more excited about.

Since my program consists of both studying and interning I am only taking two classes. Both of the classes are geared towards my major and minor (PR and Marketing), so they are right up my alley and I am really happy with them so far. Who knew that classes could be four hours lonnnnng?! BUT that means Friday is free, so I can explore and travel.

Love, laur

Check out my photos from this past week below xxx (they do that here and I kinda love it)



Some photos of the South Kensington area. The architecture here is so interesting and detailed compared to what we have at home.


And of course, the typical touristy pic with a phone booth…because did you really come to London if you didn’t take one?!  (the answer is yes, you really came, you just weren’t half as basic as I am)




We stumbled upon a boutique hotel with the coolest art installments – needless to say I was obsessed.